Parker Irwin

Parker Irwin, Co-Founder, Operations  Manager, & Sophomore at Greenwood High School, founded this program in 2017 with the help of the Greenwood High School's Athletic Department and general Administration. Starting with two iPads and a table Parker Irwin produced his first live stream on August 18th, a volleyball game. From there, the program grew. New members and equipment came, and now their as strong as ever. Parker would like to thank the WBN sponsors, Greenwood administration, and the Greenwood community for their continued support of the program. 

Noah Chaplin

Noah Chaplin, Project Manager, Web/Graphic Designer, Stream Animator, & sophomore at Greenwood High School, has helped develop and shape the Woodmen Broadcasting Network. By bringing his unique skills and talents, Noah has helped the program flourish. From devoting his spare time at school to helping teach new members, Noah is proud to be considered one of the founders of the Woodmen Broadcasting Network.

615 West Smith Valley Road
Greenwood IN 46142


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